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S.C. TUAL FAST CHANCE '98 S.R.L. produces a very varied range of cakes, specialties, cookies, spongecake products, sweet chocolate salami and appetisers, our target being to adapt the Romanian traditional recipes to a semi-industrial scale. In this manner, those who buy and eat our products will enjoy the taste of home-made sweets

The products are manufactured in compliance with the system of food quality and safety management.

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By the quality of the products offered, we have reached the position of leader on the Romanian market. We are always open to the customer’s needs, their satisfaction being an exceptionally important factor for us. Furthermore, we lay the stress on the quality of the products and the hygiene in the manufacturing process, as the consumers' health is our top priority.

If you like what we do give us a sign! Although currently we do not have the ideal job for you, get in touch with us.s.

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